SoundMax® Audio Game Towers are an interactive and fun way to make safety surfacing an active part of the playground experience.

The SoundMax® Audio Game Tower System* cleverly hides our exclusive Maxitron Sensors within the rubber surfacing surrounding the SoundMax® Tower.  Sensors may be placed anywhere within a 15' radius from the unit, but must be located outside of equipment fall zones.  When a child is over the Maxitron Sensor, sounds emit from the SoundMax® Audio Tower.  Sensor locations may be completely hidden, or may be integrated into visual graphic elements within the surfacing.

SoundMax® produces a variety of fun sounds for kids using our exclusive sound processor unit.  Inside, an adjustable volume control allows owners to match the audio level to that of the surrounding environment.  SoundMax® includes a wireless remote tor turning the  unit "on" at fun times, or "off" at times when silence is preferred.  Alternately, SoundMax® can be switched on and off using a master power switch located at a nearby building.

SoundMax® works with poured synthetic surfacing such as our MaxPour®, MaxPour® Supreme or PolyMax® safety surfacing systems.  Please consult with PlayMax for specific requirements of each system.  PlayMax retains the final authority on sensor placement, which must conform to the ability of constructing within the system type, graphics, and outside of the fall zones of the intended play area.  Please limit projects with graphics to the MaxPour® or MaxPour® Supreme systems only.

SoundMax® comes in 25 fun colors†, or shades can be matched to any color used on a playground (such as the post color on a nearby play unit) for perfect color continuity with the rest of the playground.

† Chrome package available for indoor units only.  Contact PlayMax for details

* Patents Pending



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