EconoMax - No ordinary big pile of rubber mulch!

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She's not cute, she can't sing and dance, and she sure ain't pretty...  But sometimes she's just the one you want to bring home to Mom.  Meet EconoMax, our spin on the ever present bonded rubber mulch systems available on the market today.  She's also thrifty... just don't call her cheap!

While we make no big claims about EconoMax, it has been used in a variety of playground and non-playground applications alike.  And you keep asking for it.

Starting with quality mulched SBR tire rubber, we create EconoMax using our MaxPour aromatic polyurethane binder.  Mulch rubber is available in several colors and is pre-coated with a colorful paint coating prior to being mixed with polyurethane binder and then applied to the project.  This being the case, mulch rubber has two coatings - the color and the binder.  Because it is SBR tire rubber on the inside, we must point out that the coatings can and most likely will wear or weather off over time exposing black rubber.  Also, since there is no wearing surface applied, EconoMax is susceptible to damage in ways regular poured-in-place rubber is not.  EconoMax can, however, also be re-coated or repaired easily.

EconoMax is a great choice for tree wells and fill alongside conventional playgrounds, nature walk paths, ground cover and the like.  And yes, it can be used for playgrounds.  It's just not the performer that you would find on the other PlayMax systems, so keep your expectations low and you'll be a happy customer.  "It is what it is," as they say....  call us for details.