PolyMax® makes a great choice to retrofit existing play surfacing.  Available as either a conventional re-top, or as a cushion cap (shown above), PolyMax® gives playgrounds an entirely bright and fun and new look to your playground.

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PlayMax materials may also be used in a variety of sports and safety-related applications where a high quality rubbery layer is desired.  Basketball courts, walking paths, tennis courts, and courtyards may be installed using the "top layer only" of any of our PlayMax systems.  We can also install small trike tracks or running tracks for athletic clubs and training facilities using our MaxPour® top layer granules.  This makes a durable 1/2" thick wearing surface, or a 1" system with cushion layer.  Please note that our tracks are for amateur use only, and are not the IAAF-certified type of system you would see at a professional venue (which might require IAAF certification).


These samples show a typical "cushion cap" over existing surface (left), and a direct "re-top" application (right).  These systems are designed primarily to repair an existing pad which has a worn out top layer.  Typically, we would repair the impact layer first, make incidental repairs to the top layer, and then proceed with a new system.  Please note that the standard re-top method is only workable on pads not experiencing cracking.  If cracking is present, a cushion cap is typically used instead.  This is so the cracks are stopped at the old system, and do not telegraph up into the new system - which would in effect become a 1" top layer, already cracked halfway through!


These are a few of our trade-show samples we use to show graphics in surfacing.  On full size pads, nearly any graphic is possible.  We've even added graphics to existing pads, or used graphics to repair over damaged spots in existing surfacing, avoiding an ugly repair or patch.

PlayMax surfacing systems maybe used for a variety of other novel uses.  Here are a few ideas for recreational use, repairs of existing surfacing and other applications.  Many of these are completely custom applications.  We enjoy doing these different projects, please feel free to contact us with your specific needs.

RECREATIONAL SURFACING & other applications