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PlayMax was created to address the safety surfacing world in an honest and straightforward way.  We endeavor to be the consistently highest QUALITY, fun and innovative play surfacing company in America.  We know your reputation is on the line, as is ours.  We feel that by maintaining high quality standards, safety will be guaranteed, and the longest possible service life shall be attained.  PlayMax is a showcase of what is state-of-the-art in surfacing, and uses the very highest quality materials produced.  We've gone to great lengths to provide you the finest quality within each product category.

Many poured-in-place surfacing companies have come and gone over the years, usually over poor quality materials, inadequate design standards, shoddy workmanship, or non-existent field supervision.  Some individuals have regularly and intentionally installed systems with tops as thin as 1/4" thick without informing the client.  Others change suppliers or installers on a whim, making safety take a back seat to cheap off-shore materials or to make a quick buck.   We don't play that game, we are here to give you the quality you pay for.

At PlayMax, maintaining the very highest quality standards when selecting materials and using in-house or fully trained authorized applicators is the key to long service life.  We use high quality polyurethane binders and TPV rubber granules throughout our standard systems, and durable polyolefin granules in our specialty systems.  We feel that consistency and predictability is maintained by using high quality manufacturers in our supply chain.  And with over 50 years combined surfacing experience, our dedicated sales & management group is the best there is.

Our philosophy is simple - Quality In - Quality Out.  This gives our customers what they expect - the best surfacing available - quality rubber and poly granules, binders, and quality installation work - and we do it at a fair price too.

Insist on PlayMax on your next project ...  We know you'll be impressed!

Joanne Campbell, PlayMax Surfacing, Inc.

Rick Denney, PlayMax Surfacing, Inc.

Chris Wolf, PlayMax Surfacing, Inc.

Jim Weaver, PlayMax Surfacing, Inc.