Special Playground Surfacing designed to meet the requirements of California Cal-Recycle grant funding

California is known for a lot of things – the beaches, the mountains, and endless sunshine.  One thing we have here too is endless solid waste.  Luckily for us, a lot of that is old tires.

To make use of these mountains of rubber, Cal-Recycle offers grants to local agencies for things like playground surfacing, but not just any type of tire rubber gets funded.  EcoMax is our exclusive base layer designed to meet this requirement.

We can use our EcoMax base layer with our standard MaxPour® top layer, making the system MaxPour® EcoMax.  We can also swap out any black granules with SBR tire rubber granules in the top layer to load the system with as much SBR tire rubber as possible for grant purposes.

MaxPour® EcoMax is designed specifically for the grant requirements of Cal-Recycle. 
Please limit the use of MaxPour® EcoMax to Cal-Recycle grant funded projects only, and use our standard MaxPour® system for all other uses. 

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