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Due to the high volume of tire kickers (no pun intended!), PlayMax must charge basic costs for our popular samples.  PlayMax samples are a flat $12.00 each and include shipping costs to the continental US, Alaska and Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Mexico and Canada.  Currently, we are not servicing markets outside these areas, and orders outside these zones shall be refunded.

You will be asked to provide name and shipping address in the checkout process.  Due to the unlimited number of color combinations, we cannot promise any specific color or CFH rating / thickness.  PlayMax samples are produced in advance in whatever colors we are running at the time, and will provide a good approximation of the surface to be received.  Actual granule color baggies may be requested by contacting PlayMax customer service at (951) 250-6039. 

Samples costs shall be refunded to architects, owners, park districts, and schools following the purchase of a PlayMax playground surfacing system.  Contact us with the name of the job the samples were used for, receipt, and your involvement with the project.

Sample Fulfillment Center

MaxPour Sample (standard aromatic)        $12.00

MaxPour Sample (aliphatic upgrade)          $12.00

MaxPour Supreme Sample                             $12.00

SofTILE by PlayMax sample (TPV top)          $12.00

SofTILE by PlayMax Sample (pigmented)    $12.00

PlayTurf Sample                                                 $12.00

PolyMax Sample                                                 $12.00

SplashMax Sample                                             $12.00